I buy the “Net Red Explosion” Dyson vacuum cleaner and found 3 tips for making big money.

Searched online, the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is James Dyson, who just made his way to the UK’s richest man this year.

In fact, Dyson also has a nickname: “Steve Jobs in the home appliance industry.”

First, because the home appliances he designed are very aesthetic, the value is higher;

Second, because his family’s things are very expensive to sell:

The same product, Dyson’s price is 10 times higher than their peers.

Despite the price “touching”, Dyson’s products are still rushing to buy.

Dyson’s ability to work from a small age is very strong. During the student days, he designed some bizarre works and won the award.

But what really made him famous is not these award-winning works, but the cleaning tools we often use: vacuum cleaners.

The young Dyson found that there are 3 bugs in the traditional vacuum cleaner:

Very noisy

2. Poor suction

3. It is inconvenient to change the vacuum bag frequently.

Out of the designer’s “occupational disease”, Dyson wrote to the manufacturer to give advice, hoping to improve – others think he is “stupid.”

Ok, finally he decided to invent a new type of vacuum cleaner.

After that, he spent a full three years and made a prototype of 5126 (an average of 4 per day), each of which failed…

In order to invent, Dyson spent a lot of money, and had no money to find friends and relatives to borrow.

Really can’t borrow money, he mortgaged the house to the bank, and owed millions of pounds of debt.

I have been working on the 5127th prototype and finally moved God. He successfully developed the first generation of “vacuum cleaners”.

(Dyson introduces his vacuum cleaner on TV)

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, Dyson made improvements to a daily appliance: an electric fan.

Traditional electric fans, through the blades that rotate at high speeds, but the new fan designed by Dyson can also produce air without blades.

In 2009, Dyson invented the “leafless fan” listed, no blade is not only safe, but the wind is also softer, so it is sought after by the market.

The invention we usually think of is to create something from nothing, but Dyson tells us: wrong.

It is also an innovation to make technical improvements to the original product and to make the product “useful” from “not easy to use”.

My success comes from observing things that are used everyday, but that have always been considered impossible to improve. – James Dyson


In addition to vacuuming the vacuum cleaner, there are still these four great effects!

Vacuum cleaners can be used to clean home hygiene, such as debris under the sofa, and in the corner seams of the cabinet. Cleaning with a broom is very laborious, and the vacuum cleaner can solve these problems. Not only that, but there are many different uses for vacuum cleaners!

Some vacuum cleaners can clean the curtains, so you have to choose a flat-bottom vacuum cleaner, so that the curtains can be cleaned more widely. But first, the vacuum cleaner must be clean, otherwise the curtains will be dirty. This method is used to treat curtains that only have some dust in the house, which can reduce the number of times the curtains are changed.

In addition to these functions, the vacuum cleaner also has its function on the cleaning appliance. For the computer, long-term energization generates heat, and the temperature is high and easy to absorb dust. At this time, the vacuum cleaner comes in handy, so that the dust can be swept away. Not only for computers, but also for home appliances such as TVs, it is very practical.

The vacuum cleaner can also help you when you can’t find small things. For example, rings or earrings, these are relatively small items. It is not easy to find if you lose them, but you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house and help you find the missing things.

When household quilts are not in use, they are always stored. The air inside the plastic bags is too much, and the space occupied is very wasteful. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the air in the plastic bag, which saves space~

Many people have a vacuum cleaner in this house. It can really help people solve many problems. Not only can you handle the garbage is not so tired, but it can also help other aspects besides hygiene.

Thousand dollar machine tracking wireless vacuum cleaners perform well, with many innovative technologies

I often know that family hygiene is what I am most afraid of during cleaning. It is debris and dust in the corners of the corners. However, there is a product that can solve this problem very well. It is a vacuum cleaner. As a must-have product for today’s family life, the vacuum cleaner is definitely a lazy person’s welfare. However, the vacuum cleaner is also very particular in its selection. At present, there are many brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, thousands of high-end to hundreds of low-end, and today I recommend to you a less than a thousand dollars, but Sufficient to catch up with the high-end brands of wireless vacuum cleaners.

Users who have used vacuum cleaners in their homes should know that the biggest influence of vacuum cleaners on the use is whether the suction is large enough and whether the noise control is quiet. These two can be said to directly affect the user’s feelings of the vacuum cleaner, because the suction is too small, dust, paper Scraps, food debris, etc. are not clean, and the noise is too large, which directly affects the user’s mood during use. Here we will take a detailed look at the chasing vacuum cleaner is to solve these problems:

When I first saw the product of the vacuum cleaner, I was very appreciative of its design. The overall design of pure white gave the author a very clean feeling, and the pure white design was the least recommended for home style. The original color, which can be integrated into various home environments, is simple and not simple. The weight of the product is about 1.5kg. It is important to say that even if the woman is holding the cleaning for a long time, it is not easy to feel tired.

The chasing vacuum cleaner is modular in design and can be adapted to many different scenes, and it is also very rich in accessories. Accessories have metal connecting rods, soft velvet bristles, two-in-one flat brush, two-in-one brush, electric mites brush, etc. Different accessories can be applied to different scenes to meet different usage needs, allowing users to carry out Free choices to match to cope with complex living environments.

As mentioned above, the author judges whether a vacuum cleaner is good or bad, and the most direct impact on the user experience is whether the suction is sufficient. If the suction is not enough, it will definitely not be clean. The smashing vacuum cleaner uses a 100,000-rpm brushless motor, 115AW of suction power, and 20000Pa wind pressure, so it has a good performance in suction. The chasing vacuum cleaner is equipped with a patented civilian tracking technology, brushless digital motor technology, which can start the vacuum cleaner within 180 milliseconds, and then play with more than 100,000 per minute to quickly clean up the “battlefield” to ensure that hair, dust, etc. can be quickly inhaled. Greatly improve the user experience.

Moreover, the chasing vacuum cleaner also has a multi-cone cyclone technology, which is a technology that only has a few thousand yuan high-grade vacuum cleaner, and is a minority multi-cone cyclone separation technology. This technology can generate powerful centrifugal force to achieve dust separation, and lock 99.99% of dust and other particles in the dust cup, so that the air duct is not blocked and the suction force is longer. Compared with similar products, the amount of dust sucked and sucked is much larger than other vacuum cleaners. When they are not moving, the pursuit continues.

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner has a five-fold filter system, one can share large particles, two for effective interception, and three get dust particles into the dust cup, four steps to improve the micro-dust protection HEPA filter, and HEPA The filter element is protected by a multi-cone cyclone sharing system, which minimizes pollution and removes clean air from the fifth. Moreover, the filter element can be directly washed with water, which saves the user’s consumables. The five-fold filter system can lock the dust from 99% to 0.3 microns to ensure the clean and safe air.

The chasing vacuum cleaner optimizes the installation position of important components such as motors, and the rear of the motor, so that the center of gravity moves backwards, allowing the user to be lighter and smarter in the application process, such as pushing, pulling, lifting, etc., and easier to use. However, the author found a small problem during the use of these days, that is, the location of the power button design has some minor problems, often misunderstood. It may be that the author is accustomed to the vertical vertical direction of other vacuum cleaners, which is not suitable. If you compare the two ways, each has its own benefits, and everyone’s habits are different, here is no comment.

As I mentioned above, the accessories of this product are very rich, and different accessories have different scene applications. The large roller electric brush is also one of the most commonly used brush heads, and it is also used most. It is equipped with a separate motor that can efficiently clean all kinds of particles, dust, hair, paper scraps, food debris and other waste, and the large roller with comb teeth can also avoid hair entanglement.

At the same time, you bought this chasing vacuum cleaner, which is equivalent to having a smashing device at the same time. The self-contained brush is definitely a very practical accessory. It has a built-in independent drive motor that can suck in the fiber and suck away the mites and dead skin. Both the sofa and the bed can be used to remove mites, prevent mites allergies, and enhance our Sleep quality.

The two-in-one flat brush can deeply clean the dust and large debris at the inner and outer edges of the home. The two-in-one brush can remove the surface decontamination and dust removal of the fine parts, such as our computer keyboard and desk. At the same time, the two-in-one flat brush can also be used outdoors to clean up your car. It is definitely a multi-purpose machine, which is also the advantage of wireless handheld. However, the author has a suggestion that it is better if there is one more soft brush in the accessory.

The dust cup is also designed with a one-touch dumping that can be opened with a single touch and automatically empties the dirt in the dust cup. Moreover, the large-capacity dust cup and cyclone separation system are connected by a tight mechanical structure to ensure the sealing. We can help to remove the cyclone separation by means of the cleaning brush head, and the whole cleaning process is not sticky.

Introduce here to talk about the noise performance of this vacuum cleaner, this should be the most concerned about many users. Through this period of experience, the author’s feelings are still quite satisfactory. The chasing vacuum cleaner has three options: low, medium and high. The low gear can be adapted to ordinary ground-cleaning garbage, such as dust, particles, etc. The noise can be said very much. Satisfied, and the hard-to-clean scenes such as carpet surface and food residue need to be mid-range, and the overall noise is OK. The high-end is the corners and other places that are difficult to clean. Although the noise is not too harsh, it will still be uncomfortable under this gear for a long time, but we will not run at high speed for a long time under normal conditions.